Lee Lee


The Tales of Thatcher Gray: Permaculture

Turtle Swimming in a Plastic Ocean

abandoned mine, Leadville CO

Gymnorhinus Cyanocephalus

wire - Saigon, Vietnam

Ghost - abandoned slaughterhouse, Commerce City

Swallow - Texas roadkill

Vrnda: mother of a combat medic stationed in Iraq

prayers outside the temple - Lhasa

Pregnancy ink drawing
eight months in Utero

Bulldoggin' - Lazy Shamrock Ranch, CO

Lee Lee - Coroico, Bolivia
Salla Dancer - Bolivia

Lee Lee - Varanasi, India
Ganga - India

Lee Lee - Cuba
Angel - Cuba

Initiation - Africa

Lee Lee - Roatan, Honduras
Carib - Honduras


6-8: Journey to Eastern Africa

3-4: DEBRIS at Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station near the National Seashore, California

2: Expanding Worlds - TransCultural Exchange, Boston University with satelite events at MIT, the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and Harvard University, Boston MA

1: Hybrid - curated by Rian Kerrane, The Regional Cultural Center, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland



12: Residency for Hybrid, Exploring the connections between Ireland and Colorado, Regional Cultural Center, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland

12: Haiti - Aqua Art Miami, C Emerson Fine Arts

11-12: Sacred Soil: Cultivating the Urban Lakou - curated by Leah Gordon, Ghetto Biennial, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

8-10: The Knew Normal - curated by Nancy Zastudil, 516 Arts, Albuquerque NM

8: Surface Arts residency at the Rumpueng Arts Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand

7-10: The Life of Things (La Vie des Choses) - Curated by Viviane Le Coutois, in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, Processus Art & Life, Denver CO

6-7: Journey to Borneo

4: Debris on Maui



12: Art Moves! - Mini Residency and exhibition at PlatteForum, Denver CO

11-12: Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound - curated by Claire Gilman of the Drawing Center, Williamsburg Arts & Historical Center, Brooklyn NY

11: Networked Urban Mobilities, How new technologies change cities, cultures & economies - Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark

10: Slow Food US Delegate to the Terra Madre Conference in Turin, Italy

9: Caravansary - The Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, NV

7-8: Art as Catalyst - Center for Global Justice, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

7: Journey through Bhutan & Japan

7: Collisions: Haiti & the US - Society for Caribbean Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotand

6-7: Shifting Ecologies - The Painting Center, New York, NY

6: Welcome to the Anthopocene: From Global Challenge to Planteary Stewardship - Pace University, New York, NY

5: Plasticity, RISDxyz magazine

4: Do You See What I See? - Installation on Consuming Plastic & Plastic Ocean at the Chateau de la Napoule, France
The way we consume plastic has become pervasive all over this world. In quiet ways, the material passes through our lives with little or no attention to where it goes after it passes through our sphere. It is familiar, too familiar, so that is has distorted our notions of value and waste. This series explores the common ways which plastic passes through our lives. The situations are familiar to us all, even as the environments may be foreign. “Transportation” is represented by a dug out canoe traveling through the Okavango Delta in Botswana. A “Restaurant” is a street stall in Mandalay, Burma. The “Toystore” is on a boat in the floating market in the Mekong Delta, and “Housing” is a lakeside community made of recycled material in Cambodia. The range of situations reflects how wide spread our consumption of plastic really is.

3: Plastic Ocean - Interview on Radio Cafe, Santa Fe Public Radio

3: Water Matters - Amigos Bravos, Santa Fe Community Foundation, NM

2: Equalibrium; Art for a Changing World - Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL

1: FRONT|HERE - The Copenhagen Connection; Urban Bike Systems - The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder CO

1: Message in a Bottle - Aragorn's Workshop, Trellis Bay, Brittish Virgin Islands

1: Journey through the US & British Virgin Islands


12: SALT - Installation for the Ghetto Biennial, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Food prepared slowly, with love, offers comfort and empowerment to those who are nourished by it. It is a cultural foundation, maintained primarily by women, which acts as a strong glue that holds community together in ways that maintain an important sense of identity. During the 2013 Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I followed grandmothers on their paths of procuring and preparing nourishment, which was shared with the community as a series of performative dinners that took place within the twisted ghetto alleyways. During the process, I transcribed recipes in order to preserve traditional approaches of making and sharing nourishment. Instead of building ethnographic reflections based on an outsider gaze, I used these recipes as a framework to explore the collisions between US food policy and Haitian experience. Drawing on the woodcarving traditions of the area, I also made a series of woodblock portraits of the women. The overall project combines community engaged work with research based narrative and an artistic representation of the issues which confront Haitians. The work looks at alternative economies that have grown out of extreme poverty, as well the expression of pride through maintaining traditions that exist in one of the poorest areas in the western hemisphere. It offers an examination of the role of women, and in particular grandmothers, as pillars of the community through a platform of nourishment.

9: From the Mountains to the Prairies to the Ocean - Installation on Ocean Plastic for the Museum of Natural History at the University of Colorado, Boulder

9: Stories we Tell - Women's Caucus for the Arts

9: Making Waves - Installation on Ocean Plastic for the Colorado Ocean Coalition

9: Valley Family Voyages to Burning Man by Laura Lieff, Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

8: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

8: AvantGarda: 7 degrees of Separation - Glebe Gallery, Donegal, Ireland

6-7: Journey through Denmark, Norway & France

6: Extreme Backyard Gardeners by Emily Beenen, edible Santa Fe

6: One Million Bones - Installation along the National Mall in Washington DC

5-6: Our Global Village - Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO In collaboration with InterCambio

5.10.13: Bridging the Gap - New exhibit tells immigrants' unheard stories by Aimee Heckel, Boulder Daily Camera

5-6: Urban Earth - Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, 1405 Florence Street, Aurora CO

View Spring 2013 announcement

3: Journey through Hawai'i

2: Grant received from the Puffin Foundation for work to be created in regards to Plastic
Support was provided by the Puffin Foundation through a grant to continue research and create artwork which will be used as a foundation to engage young people to consider how Plastic is having an impact on the world which they will inherit. It takes effort to pay attention to how we use the most common materials in our lives. It is important to encourage youth to start paying attention to our daily actions to encourage their understanding of our places in context of the world in which we live. In doing so, they may feel empowered to incorporate small changes in their own lives which would inspire waves of change in the larger spheres of our communities.

We need to come up with alternatives which will aid in shifting away from the disposable nature of our consumer culture towards a culture which places value on the materials that fill our lives by cultivating an understanding of how we can cycle materials back into productive use. This work will ultimately be used to speak out and engage people to question how much we need plastic in its “disposable” form. Current work under way explores questions which have to do with chemical impacts on our bodies, and how those impacts parallel the environmental impacts as manifested through wildlife. Plastic is a material through which we gain heavy body burdens, and is an important subject to explore as we dissect our lives in this chemical age.


1: Journey through Costa Rica


12: An Artful Adventure in Sustainable Living by Lyn Bleiler – Eco Source Magazine

10-11: La Napoule Art Foundation - Themed Residency at the Clews Center for the Arts in Southern France
Dedicated to preserving the legacy of Henry and Marie Clews and promoting art that serves the greater good, La Napoule Art Foundation seeks to nurture and inspire artistic talent, while fostering the creative process as a means of advancing international understanding. The Fall 2012 residency & exhibition will challenge accomplished artists to create a work or body of work designed intentionally to appeal to children. While intended to engage this younger audience, showcased works will be created with the same technical expertise, aesthetic rigor and emotional power of fine art exhibited for adults. The artists’ goal will be to transcend all ages.

10-11.12: Woman & Body
Exhibitions at Kepco Plaza Gallery Museum in Seoul & Gwangju Cultural Foundation’s MediaCube 338 in Gwangju, South Korea
This exhibition is spearheaded by the International caucus of the Women's Caucus for Art and lands in venues within the areas of the Gwangju Biennale and compliments the theme of "Roundtable" which explores "the possibility of democratic and non-hierarchical exchange concerning global cultural production, through various forms of collective endeavor, research into historic entanglements among societies, and the exploration of diverse contexts of belonging." - Catalog available

11: Media for Woman & Body:
- ArtSum - WomanCS - Monthly Photo.com - Homae - Economic Post - Design Sori - Photo.co.kr - 4x4 News Korea - International Korean Business Centre - ChosunBiz - ACROFAN - News1 Korea - News Hankuk - Energy Daily - Korean Press Agency - iPhos webzine - ETNews Korea - Coca News - Korea Media United News - ArtGuide Korea

10: Slow Food USA delegate to the Terra Madre conference, Torino Italy
Terra Madre establishes a space “for those who seek to grow, raise, catch, create, distribute and promote food in ways that respect the environment, defend human dignity and protect the health of consumers” to exchange ideas and solutions. It promotes solidarity between eaters and producers, those from the city and those from the countryside, the global North and the global South. It encourages all of us to be united in an international, diverse movement rooted in many different histories, cultures, and communities. Terra Madre shows the international public that a diversity of people-powered, values-based solutions can pave the way for better food and farming around the world.

10.12: Borders & Boundaries - Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

9.3 - 10.6: Power, Politics & Performance - In response to the current 'War on Women', Steinhilber Art Gallery, University of Wisconsin

10: Storied Recipies - Publication of recipes by writers through the Society of the Muse of the Southwest, SOMOS

9.27: ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness - Art which explores the intersections of Nature & Technology. Open Studio featuring our high desert Permaculture/Aquaponics installation as well as the paintings that have grown from the process of building it. Also on view will be a current exploration of the environmental impacts of Plastic.

9.1-3: TAO Studio Tour - Featuring the contrast of local to industril agriculture at The Distillery, Taos NM. Reception for the artists hosted by the Mable Dodge Luhan House on Friday, August 31, 5-8pm.

View Summer 2012 announcement

8-9: Hybrid - Redline: 2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver CO 80205 - Exhibition curated by Rian Kerrane - August 11 – September 30
Initiated by Rian Kerrane, a native of Ireland, Hybrid asks fourteen artists to “cross over”. The artists’ work examines the experience of crossing the Atlantic in the current political climate while acknowledging historic influences from each artist’s perspective; identifying experiences of (dis)placement and immersion in cultural and social surroundings from either side of the Atlantic. RedLine provides the first venue for a pair of exhibitions, the second of which will take place in Ireland, allowing each artist to engage both with “local” proximity and “foreign” distance in turn.

8.19.12: At RedLine, Colorado and Irish artists take on each others' lands by Ray Rinaldi for the Denver Post

8-9.12: RISD Alumni exhibition at Scripps Fine Art, 821 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

8.4: Los Jardineros Garden Tour - Featuring the Permaculture gardens around the Distillery studio as well as the paintings which grew from the construction of the gardens - The Distillery, Taos

7-8.12: Natural/Constructed Spaces - The Painting Center - 547 West 27th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
Contemporary artists are painting their impressions of the constructed world and its impact on natural spaces, which underscores our persistent need to understand ourselves through space. The natural space that occurs within the planet's biodiversity includes growing, dying, entropic, and organic systems. In contrast, assembling elements and pieces forms new spaces creating the notion of 'Constructed Spaces'. As we confront diminishing resources and a rapidly changing planet, now is a relevant moment to see how artists are responding to this ever-shifting world. From an idyllic view of pristine, untouched nature to a constructed world where nature has been entirely subjugated, Natural/Constructed Spaces II brings together 28 artists who treat this subject in ways as varied as the land itself.
Catalog Available

7.12: Publication in Edible Santa Fe - Featuring the Tales of Thatcher Gray watercolors on Permaculture

6.12: Terraphilia residency with the Colorado Art Ranch, Salida CO - Silver Mines at the Headwaters of the Arkansas

View Spring 2012 announcement

5-8: Taos Contemporary - Metropolitan State Center for Visual Art: 965 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204 - May 31 - August 11
Exhibition statement: "Throughout the twentieth century, Taos figured prominently as an important contemporary art colony. Far away from other innovative art centers, Taos held sway in the imagination, and its very name is still synonymous with an independent aesthetic sensibility. Keeping this tradition alive — taking it into the now — makes Taos unique. While other towns and cities have vital art scenes, no other area has such a high concentration of creative individuals, many of whom deliberately chose Taos for its artistic, cultural, and geographical resonance. Certainly New York City is the undisputed art capital, but artists flock there to be near the heart of the industry and among its tastemakers. Preferring to be off the grid, artists settle in Taos for the space in which to pursue their muse apart from such distractions and to draw inspiration from its landscape, light, and spirituality — at once grounding and transcendent. Taos Contemporary offers a view of the current art colony as represented by a variety of artists who call Taos County home. These artists are engaged with current issues and processes of art-making in a way that suggests Taos maintains its tradition of innovation and independence. Yet these artists tap into the energy of place as well as a supportive environment in a way that gives the New Mexico community its own center of gravity."

5-6: Consumer Culture - Woman Made: 685 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago Il
Consumer Culture addresses the issues surrounding and resulting from the insidious desire for consumption and the waste products produced by full-filling that need.

5: Publication in Howl: Invoking Change - University of New Mexico press

4-5: The Mask Project to support the Denver Hospice

2-3: Miniatures - Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos


11: Man as Object, Reversing the Gaze - SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco from November 4 – 26, 2011. Reverse the Gaze Catalog of the exhibition published.

11.21: Naked Men Everywhere: New Exhibit Reverses the Gaze by Thomas Gladysz, Huffington Post

11.2: Preview of Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze, SF Weekly

11.4: Man as Object questions perceptions of male beauty, The Good Men Project

10.28: Man as Object pushes our taken for granted ways of seeing, Ms. Magazine

9: Taos Fall Arts Festival - Taos Convention Center, Taos NM

View summer 2011 announcement

8-9: Nature: Working! - 910Arts, 910 Santa Fe Dr, Denver. An intro to the patterns of sustainable systems with artistic works in all media. Artists and non-artists collaborate on ways to express the ideology of permaculture. Opening reception: Friday, 08/05/2011 - 6-9pm - REAP

8-9: Rhode Island School of Design New Mexico Alumni show - Scripps Fine Art: 821 Canyon Road, Santa Fe NM. Opening reception August 19th, 5-7pm - Confined Shrine

08/13 - 4-6pm - Canning Exchange and Tastings Salon - Interactive salon with artist Lee Lee to learn, taste and exchange recipes, while exploring global to local foods

7: Art & Social Justice - Conference hosted by the Women's Caucus for the Arts - Regional Arts Commission, Saint Louis MO
Panel discussion on Genocide and Visual Representation with Naomi Natale of One Million Bones. I focused on presenting portraits of resilience as a way to engage our community to consider one of the most challenging issues of our time.

7: Urban Art - Curated by Michelle Yamamoto - Columbia Arts Center, Hood River OR. Refinery - ICBM silo

7: Denver County Fair - National Western Complex - Intha Market

6-7: Local Color: Voices from the Rio Grande - Gallery on the Green, Taos Country Club, NM. Opening reception: June 17, 5-7pm - Birds -
New Mexico hosts one of the highest concentrations of breeding birds in North America, according to the Nature Conservancy. This series is based on local birds who live or migrate through Northern New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley. The backgrounds of the paintings, while organically textured, are whited out to represent the constant environmental threats we face here in the high desert.

5.11: The Tales of Thatcher Gray: Metropolis
Metropolis is a book of words for children. The words were chosen to reflect the essence of Burning Man. Following Thatcher Gray on his first visit to Black Rock City, the illustrations manifest the event from the perspective of a two year old. He immediately embraced the participatory nature of the community and was delighted to explore the highly interactive art. In the way that children his age are encouraged learn through play, Thatcher Gray seemed to pick up on the fact that the artists and intellectuals who contribute most to the community often present experiments in which they are furthering their own education through play. For more information on Burning Man at BurningMan.com - Learn more about Thatcher Gray's specific experience on his blog, TalesOfThatcherGray.com

5: N.A.W.A members exhibition - Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery - 417 Lafayette Street, New York NY 10003. Catalogue of the exhibition is available.

View Spring 2011 announcement

5: A 150,000-Pound Hand-Me-Down. Yay? by Neil Genzlinger, Metropolitan Section of the New York Times

4-5: Art from Detritus - Williamsburgh Art & Historical Center (WAH), 135 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211 - Opening Reception April 23rd, 4-6pm - Turtles Swimming in a Plastic Ocean

4.11: The Plastic Flow: From Waste to Waves - Feature written by Camilla Thiele, The United Nations Environment Programme - Turtles Swimming in a Plastic Ocean

1-3: An Exchange with Sol Lewitt - Curated by Regine Basha in collaboration with Mass MoCA - Cabinet Magazine Exhibition Space, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn NY. Catalogue available


11: Hundreds Fill Santa Fe Riverbed To Bring Attention To Climate Change - Article written by Jessica Dyer, Albuquerque Journal

11: Environmental Photography Exhibition at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th Street, Golden CO

10: Bioneers Conference - Bee included in the Pollinators installation by WEAD (Women Environmental Artists Directory) - San Rafael, CA

9: Taos Fall Arts Festival - Convention Center, Taos NM. Best Mixed Media Award for When offerings lay in the mud, the Laundry is taken out, India

9: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

7-8: Guatemala - Coinciding with the Bienniel of the Americas - Gallery 420, Denver CO

5.7-30: Art & Agriculture - The Columbia Arts Center, Hood River OR - Rain -

4.10-5.23: Texas National 2010 - Invited by Judy Pfaff
The Cole Art Center 329 East Main Street, Nacogdoches, TX - Bleed -

4.29: Inspired Art - Denver artists create one of a kind pieces inspired by Denver Public School students - Benefitting think 360 Arts
Space Gallery - 765 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

3.10-27: Security - An exhibition of artwork that investigates issues of safety & community well-being. Vrnda: mother of a combat medic stationed in Iraq
Curated by Stephanie Ellis & Serena Wellen
ROOT DIVISION - 3175 17th Street - San Francisco, CA 94110

2.20-3.31: Miniatures Show at the Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos NM
Flow - Early Morning Ritual along the Sacred Ganga - Varanasi, India

3: Anything Goes with the Womens Caucus for Art at the Bemis Library - 6014 S. Datura, Littleton CO

The Sketchbook Project - Art House traveling Library
2.19-21: 303Grand, Brooklyn NY
4.8-11: Art & Shelter Gallery, Los Angeles CA
4.16-18: Soulard Art Market, Saint Louis MO
5.7-9: Home Gallery, Chicago, IL

2-12: What is Sacred? - Installation of paintings at the Taos Town Hall - Ghat - The Tug of Icons - Ta Prohm - Inle Shrine

Spring: Publication in Art Alive: A Fresh Approach to the Basics - Based on the teachings of Sally Bartalot



11-12: Travel to Guatemala

10: Reap: The Environmental Unsustainability of the American Food Machine - Solo exhibit at C Emerson Fine Arts, St Petersburg, FL

10: Bitter but beautiful Harvest - Lee Lee's stark style captures anger and elegance among environmental degradation. by Lennie Bennett, St Petersburg Times

Fall 2009: Publication of Preservatives in Tampa Review 37

9.09: For Peace and Development: Disarm Now! - United Nations NGO Conference, Mexico City, Mexico

8: The Garden Show - With the Womens Caucus for Art - Gallery 420 - 420 Downing Street, Denver

7-12: Looking for Loci - Denver Community Museum & The San Francisco Mobile Museum - Traveling Exhibition

5-7: Extinction - Denver Botanic Gardens - Swallow

5: Images included in TransWild Alliance's Habitat & Highways campaign. The TransWild Alliance is a coalition of conservation advocacy organizations dedicated to reducing the impacts of highways on wildlife and natural resources.

1: Publication in Vol. 25, no. 1, Winter 2009 issue of CALYX, A Journal of Art & Litterature by Women - Collapsed Home in Vares, Bosnia - Confined Shrine, Myanmar - Angkor Shrine, Cambodia


12: Sacred - Solo exhibit at the DAC - 1301 Glenarm, Denver

11: Art for Ethiopia - supporting Ethiopian Orphan Relief - Flash Gallery, Denver

10: Environmental Horror - at Nova 535, St. Petersburg, FL - Roadkill photographs

9: The Human Condition - C Emerson Fine Arts, St Petersburg FL
Portraits of Vrnda, mother of a Combat Medic stationed in Iraq and Nga, from Vietnam.

7: Thatcher Gray is born: The Tales of Thatcher Gray

6-7: Self Defined - Art of the Self Portrait - Flash Gallery, Belmar CO - Utero

6: Collaboration with The Denver Foundation: Memorial Installation in the Parr - Widener Home, Denver

6: The Cradle Project - Albequerque, NM

6: 'Cradle' Hopes to Nurture Africa - Albuquerque Journal

5: The Mask Project - Denver, CO

4.8.8: Eight artists offer 'React,' an eclectic show at C. Emerson Fine Arts, by Lennie Bennett, St Petersberg Times
From the Review: "Lee Lee was born in Colorado and still lives there, but she has a broad world view shaped by her travels. Works from several series created after visits to Cuba, Myanmar (also known as Burma) and India, for example, address social issues she encountered in each country. Yet they are more observations of conditions than politically loaded statements. The "Torched Angels" series came from a visit to Havana graveyards. She photographed angel statues and transformed them into dense mixed media pieces on paper. A partial meltdown by a blowtorch renders them battered but still intact, like so much of the country in which the statues reside. A single, new work shows her drafting skill: a drawing of a woman Lee met in Bosnia whose son is a combat medic. The mother is surrounded by scorched paper (the artist likes singeing her surfaces a lot) and fabric fragments that give her the appearance of being in the middle of an exploding bomb. Her expression remains impassive; the violence is a future fear playing out in her mind. Gallery owner Lori Johns says that this is the first in a new series Lee will be showing later in the year."

4.2.8: Art:React, by Megan Voeller, Creative Loafing, Tampa FL

4: React - C Emerson Fine Arts, St Petersburg FL
ritual - confined shrine - torched angels

3: Nomad - exhibition of internationally based photographs, coinciding with the Center for Photographic Education Conference and the Denver Month of Photography. Gallery 420, Denver

2: Awarded a residency at the Ragdale Foundation, Chicago. Development of small mixed media works on paper depicting the confined shrines of Myanmar.

1: Fellowship received for a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Development of watermedia paintings on scrap wood exploring the effects of the war on three generations of Bosnian women.


11. 22. 07: Art Questions if Spirit Matters, by Susan King St. Petersburg Times

10.31.07: Living & Worshipping in a Material World, by Megan Voeller Creative Loafing

11: Spirituality & Materialism - C. Emerson Fine Arts, St Petersburg FL

11: Fra Angelico Celebration of the Devine - Donald Sewell Auditorium, Denver CO

10: Myanmar - Five Magazine

10: Building Bridges Between People & Places, photography exhibition with the Mizel Museum, Denver CO

8: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

7: Cultivating Compassion - Site specific installation at the Seventh Biennial Conference of the International Association of Genocide Scholars in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, themed Responding to Genocide Before It's Too Late: Genocide Studies and Prevention - Travel through Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia

6: Weave - Weilworks, 3611 Chestnut Place, Denver CO
China - South Carolina - Burma

5-6: Residency at the Lazy Shamrock Ranch in Colorado
view spring aspen paintings

1-4: 10 "Glocal" Artists Interpret Genocide & The Dead Weight of Complacency - Curated and exhibited Cambodian work regarding genocide at the Mizel Museum, Denver.

05.04: Sudan's faces of suffering, by Erika Gonzalez - The Rocky Mountain News

04: On the Subject of Genocide, by Bonnie Ganglehoff - SouthwestArt Magazine

04: Reflections of Reality, by Julie Dugdale - 5280 Magazine

2: The Human Element - An Interview with Lee Lee, by Ian MacKenzie of Brave New Traveler

28.01 - Art exhibit a testament to triumphs of survivors, by Cindy Rodriguez - Denver Post

1-3: Colleagues - Group show at Weilworks, 3611 Chestnut Place, Denver. Paintings of Keralan Dancers from India

10.01 - Eyewitness Reports: The message is in the medium at the Mizel Museum's new show, by Susan Froyd - Westword

27.01: EnFuse Magazine: 6 years, no accidents, Oriental Theater, Saturday January 27th.


12: Wee - small photography works at Flash Gallery, Belmar CO
Exhibited Empty Vessel series

12: Paintings included in the winter edition of twenty3 magazine

10: Arts at Altitude - group show at Kitchens'Ink, 757 Santa Fe, Denver.

8-1.7: Best of Colorado Artists Exhibition; Denver International Airport.

8-9: Invitational - Flash Gallery; 445 S. Saulsbury, Belmar.

8: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

8: Flow - Kitchens'Ink; opening first Friday, 757 Santa Fe, Denver.

6: International Day of Torture: Installation with the clients of the Rocky Mountain Survivors Center at The Mercury, Denver CO
Exhibited collaboration with survivors of torture & war trauma who are seeking asylum in Denver

6: Ritual - Manifestations of India & Burma. HMK Design, Denver.

6: 17th Annual Art Against AIDS benefiting the Colorado AIDS Project. Curated by Julie Fryberger (Consultant), Cydney Payton (Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver) and Katharine Smith-Warren (Independant curator)

8.5: The Dead Weight of Complacency - Inaugural Educational Exhibition of the Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness and Action during their conference at the Adams Mark Hotel on May 8, Denver. Book publication by the Mizel Museum.

5: DOG - Saks Gallery, Cherry Creek.

4-5: The Making of Dust invitational at Weilworks; 3611 Chestnut Place, Denver CO.

04.05: Poetry and art speak to each other, by Kyle MacMillan covering "The Making of Dust" invitational at Weilworks.

4: Lecture given at the University of Colorado, Boulder regarding how my work addresses racial issues & multiculturalism.

4: The Mask Project - for Hospice, Denver.

1: Publication of Cambodian works in CALYX - A Journal of Art & Literature by Women.


11-1.6: Journey through India, Myanmar & Viet Nam.

12.05: 2 drawings featured as part of Laurel Quint's interior design in 5280 magazine.

9: Joined the board of Working With Artists, Denver

8-10: Found Objects Colorado: Group Show; "strange", "controversial", "scary", "confusing", "dark", "mysterious", "confrontational", "offensive", or otherwise "odd" in terms of its subject matter, content, and/or medium. 1401 Wewatta St. #106, Denver CO

9: Weilworks: 2 woman show, 3611 Chestnut Place, Denver CO. Exhibited Ta Prohm series with Chinatown Markets

8: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

8: Brand - to support the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Dos Chappell Bath House in Washington Park, Denver CO

8: Red - Kitchens'ink, 757 Santa Fe, Denver CO.

7-8: Retrospect - Bas Bleu, 401 Pine St, Fort Collins CO.

5: Creative Soup 'Zine - 2 images of Cuban Angels included in the premier issue of the fluxus based magazine.

4-5: Art from Detritus Synagogue for the Arts, 49 white St, New York NY. Coverage in the Downtown Express: "The Art of Recycled Trash: Appealing pieces with a political point" by Tequila Minsky.

4: Flights of Fancy included in the Off Limits section of Westword, regarding our Origami Crane Flash Mob organized by the Institute of Sociometry.

4: A d'Vine Affair of Art & Wine - Walnut Foundry, Denver. Benefiting Health S.E.T.

3: Study of silkscreening under Mark Friday at the Art Students League of Denver.

2: HeartArt to support Project Angel Heart, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver CO


12: Group show to support UNICEF ground work in Rwanda, Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities, CO

10-11: Travel to China including a visit to Tibet.

11: Denver and Africa Working Against AIDS: Raising funds and awareness for their work in Africa. Group show at the Museum of Natural History, Denver CO

10: In support of the Leslie Brath Breast Cancer Fund, Group show at Strings, Denver CO

10: Garden fete sends summer on its way - by Suzanne Brown in the The Denver Post.

9: Lecture given about the international nature of my work during the SEG seminar in Denver.

8: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

6: New work shown with the release of Mary Gerwin's premier cd, "the Shores of Les Cheneaux" - Gallery 420 , Denver CO

1: Painting chosen for the National Breast Cancer Coalition's next step in raising funds and awareness for their grassroots advocacy. National kickoff for the new greeting card held at 420 Downing Street, Denver with a group of local artists exhibiting for the cause. Live studio interviews on ABC and CBS newscasts.


12: Featured artist in Enfuse Magazine

12: Colorado Art Expo, Colorado Convention Center, Denver

11: Hidden in Plain View, A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad" book signing with Jacqueline Tobin, and Quilt exhibition at the Grace Stiles African American Heritage Center, Denver CO.

11: Showcase: American ingenuity ties pieces of history - by Betsy Lehndorff in the Rocky Mountain News.

8: Participation in the Burning Man Festival

05: Garden Wetting - Gallery 420, which included the unveiling of pregnancy :: Kim & Jack, Denver CO

04: From Denver to Africa and Back...A Plea for Understanding - by Patterson Benero, In the Black Magazine.

02: Spark Selects invitational at Spark Gallery, Denver CO

01-02: Visiting Artist for a six week seminar at La Academia, Denver CO

01-02: Hawai'i - oils at St Marks, Denver CO


11: Final Breath: A Love Poem - poetry reading, book signing and exhibit to support Kenyan families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. A Voices production with Rebecca Lee and Katy Tartakoff. Gallery 420, Denver CO.

02-08: Study of Lithography under James Koga, and Japanese woodblock printing under Ryan Higa, at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts, HI. Member of the Honolulu Printmakers.

01-03: Corporate Collections 2002 - Republic Plaza, Denver CO

01-02: Umbered - in support of the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. Dos Chappell Bath House, Denver CO


07-08: Pieta - Angels with fire from Havana's graveyard - St Mark's, Denver CO

06-08: Visiting Artist in the metal shop at the Spot, Denver CO

03: Traveled to Bolivia


11: Travel to Cuba

09-10: Interpretations of a War-Torn Country - by Jennie Shortridge, FiberArts The Magazine of Textiles covers the Metropolitan Center exhibit "9" in 12.99

06: A Humanitarian Journey - in support of PeaceTrees Vietnam. Landmines awareness exhibit at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle.
also shown in September at a benefit concert with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on Bainbridge Island, WA

01-02: Lazy Shamrock Ranch - in support of the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, landscapes inspired by the Blue river valley. Dos Chappell Bath House in Washington Park, Denver, CO

06-08 2000 & 2001: Nautilus Presents - Crescent Pond Gallery, Block Island, RI


12: 9 - Site specific installation built from aspects of VietNam's culture at the Metropolitan Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

12: American Artist Lee Lee celebrates VietNam's circle of life - Viet Nam News The National English Daily - , VNS.

Fall: Kitchen Duty - Colorado Home & Lifestyles Magazine, by David Wallace features Lee Lee's painted cabinets in the Leonard family home, Denver CO

05: Research trip to Viet Nam to collect images and materials for December's exhibit.


10: 3 woman show of paintings at James Walker, Denver CO

08: Residency at Peche Farguet in the Lot Valley, France.

07: Women of Ancient Greece - an exploration of classical figures. Hung during the Cherry Creek Arts Festival at Elizabeth Schlosser Fine Art, Denver CO

06: Scenes from a Studio - in collaboration with the Alternative Arts Alliance, studio tour and show at the Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, Denver CO

04: Women in the Visual Arts - international exhibition of women artists at the Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT

04: Works on Paper '98 - San Jacinto College South, Houston TX

04: 16th Annual Women's National Exhibition - Art Center of the Ozarks, AR

04: Featured at the Tattered Cover's Fourth Story, Denver CO

03: The Faces of Woman - National exhibition sponsored by the Las Vegas Arts Council, NM

02: National exhibition at St John's University, Jamaica NY


10: Exhibited and received merit award at the Hoyt National Art Show, PA

09: Exploration of Greek Islands to research images for the Women of Ancient Greece show, 7.98

09: 32nd Annual Open Exhibition at the San Bernandino County Museum, CA

01-06: Independent painting in France.


08.93 - 05.96: Awarded a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI

03: Group show at the Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI

01: Travel to Belize & Honduras

05.95 - 07.96: Painted and restored antique furniture at Leonard's Antiques, Taunton MA


08: These Members of my Family - paintings interspersed with a collection of drawings by the homeless population of Providence. Exhibited both at Brown University in the Sarah Doyle Women's Center & in the Central Congregational Church, Providence.

07: Making the Art of the Real - by Gina Macris, Providence Journal Bulletin, describes the drawing program maintained at Traveler's Aid in Providence RI

01.94 - 07.95: Organized and maintained a drawing program with the homeless population who passed through the Traveler's Aid Society of Rhode Island.

02: Painterly Prints of Mexico - Group show at the Instituto Allende, Guanajuato Mexico.

01-02: Studied monoprint and etching processes at the Instituto Allende, Mexico.

pre 1994

07-08.94: Independent study of renaissance art throughout northern Italy.

06-08.93: Exploration of southern and eastern Africa which included constructing a library for the school in Loitokitok Kenya, and climbing Kilimanjaro with Outward Bound.

09.92- 05.93: Liberal arts study at the University of Colorado.

10.92- 04.93: Received scholarship for training the next Amigos volunteers for community development work in Central and South America. Volunteer activities included work with Habitat for Humanity and the Gathering Place, a day shelter for homeless and battered women in Denver, CO

07-08.92: Worked as a health volunteer teaching community sanitation to a rural farming community in the northeastern desert of Brazil with Amigos de las Americas.

06-08.90: "Saigon, a Guidebook" - internship with the Vietnamerican Trading Company, writing and photographing for the first publication of the guide, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

12.87: A visit to Morrocco plants a seed of desire to work with diverse populations around the world.

6.75: Born in Denver, CO.